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Following the Sound to the Love Within

It is with a sincere and warm heart that everyone from Asheville Sound Healing wishes you a Happy Valentines Day filled with deep self-love and fulfillment for the love that exists within us and is also transforming the world. 

For as long as I can remember, the sound found me. For me sound is inspiration, it is a connection to nature, a connection to an energy of love and creativity that can heal wounds and open the heart. Vibration activates our memory; we can wash away whats heavy or dense and remember the clear light of our souls, who we really are.

As practitioners in this field of harmonic medicine, vibrational medicine, sound healing, whatever you would like to call it, it is helpful and important we have structure and clinical training about how these potent modalities work. how they can be effective and useful for general wellness and treating disease and ailments. When we have an intuitive or natural connection to energy and sound, it is training, structure, and support which helps brings these gifts out further and refine them. When we can learn about our gifts, and ground them, we are in a better place to integrate these abilities in a way where they can be shared with the world.

Cutting-edge science is now corroborating with the ancients knew long ago,  that we and the world are composed of sound and vibration. Like we tune a piano or guitar, we can learn to tune the human energy system, viewing health as frequency and resonance vs simply just the absence of disease. We can have an experience of the tangible power of sound and the healing force of love; the experience of moving stagnant energy and balancing the system. There is the invitation to powerfully awaken the soul.

Equally important is that we ourselves are coming from a place of attunement and wholeness. We can be available not only within our minds but within our Hearts, as vessels for remembrance of wholeness on all levels. First, we tune into this wholeness within ourselves, the finest modality, and then we can use our techniques and modalities to assist, catalyze, and support the energetic and holistic healing process that can take place for everyone.

When we can know that true Healing is not simply about a modality but about Remembering Love on a soul level, healing is available at every moment.  Stated in the book Shakti Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, “It is fundamental in eastern philosophy that Love and Compassion are active forces inherent within humanity.”

Ashley-Farrand continues, “Whether it is the search for the Divine Beloved in meditation or the demonstration of dynamic compassion in humanitarian actions in the world at large, it is our capacity for Love and Compassion that gives evidence of our human destiny.” Through harmonizing ourselves to Nature, to our inspiration, we can be powerful beacons for this love to exist in our lives and the world.

When I felt the inspiration for songs like Ancestor Song or Hope Rising, it was through the sound that I was able to express it. It was a feeling of love and devotion for all beings in the world. It was the sound that made the intangible suddenly something that was at my fingertips, something I could hear! I’ve come to be profoundly grateful for the ability of sound to relate human emotion, experience… its ability to give voice to something that may have remained voiceless.

What I know from my experiences with songwriting, creating sound, tuning into silence with a client, being a humble witness to how sound helps us cohere, harmonize, and remember – what I know from those experiences is that sound can ignite the vision of the soul, making core health, self love, and wellbeing inevitable. With our health and our vision, we can then be living in our highest light in the world.

The greatest love comes from within, and we can travel the soundwaves to know this great force that we can invite into our lives.

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