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Gurus of the Ocean: Whales of Baja & Awakening the Planetary Heart

The whales here in Todos Los Santos BCS, Mexico, have caught the southern Baja current North, after living and giving birth in the waters just outside my home for the past 2.5 months. I have sat with them many mornings, in song, meditation, and prayer, inspired and tuning into their wisdom.

I share about my experience with sacred sound and the whales not to push beliefs or ideas; everyone comes to find what they value and hold dear on the spiritual path in their own way and time. For some a whale is just a whale, for others, they are our ancient ancestors. Some believe that whales hold the highest frequency of love on the planet; another person would view that as wishful thinking. Regardless of our beliefs, our direct experience with Spirit is our surest way to clarity and knowing. My goal is simply to share what I have witnessed in hopes of shedding light on an area of our lives that we don’t often speak to.
Whales light


Remembering the Cetaceans: A Story of Sound & Soul

It has been about 10 years since I became interested in whales and dolphins, beings who have inhabited this watery planet for the past 50 million years. From Maui & Kauai, to San Juan Islands & Vancouver Island, to the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, and now Baja California Sur, I’ve opened my heart to their love, wisdom, and teachings. I’ve begun to understand, or at least scratch the surface, about the role these conscious and evolving beings are playing in my own evolution and the evolution of a planet in a period of great transition and transformation.

Orca Yin YangI had an intuitive hunch that my connection to the whales and dolphins was related to my connection with sound, music, and vibration. I remember as kid having the “Where’s Waldo” book in front of me as I whistled along to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” coming from the other room. I clearly recall countless evenings in middle school, playing guitar as the sun set behind the trees, melodies dancing with the spectrum of different colors fading into the night. Experiences like this and countless others revealed to me the magical healing quality of sound and its power to call back the soul, to allow people to uncover the light of their true self again. The first time I heard the whales sing, I got chills up my spine; something stirred deep within me and I went into a deep meditation. As a student of sound healing and bodywork, I could feel the importance of receiving the medicine of these great beings, my own personal song, and bring this song as a beacon of love and light to a world gone out of  balance.


Waking Up: Listening to the Unity Teaching of the Whales &  Indigenous People

In studying different lineages within the healing arts, especially through the perspective of sound healing, these cetacean beings always came up – the kohola in hawaii and the Nahual in Mexico. In New Zealand, the Maori call them tohorā – great beings who teach of unconditional love, and unity consciousness. They are highly spoken of and revered in indigenous and native myths not simply as fish in the sea, but as wise teachers and star ancestors. They were relatives, and conscious protectors of the oceans and planet. As the masters of unity consciousness, they dwell in this heartfelt state of Being where all is connected, nothing separate. 

The Inuit revere these beings as ancient ones who hold the memory of the earth and are here to help us along in our transition and evolution. They hold the story of instant connection, of going back to the Soul and our origins to help heal the pains of the body and soul. When we begin to remember the ancient song that is within us, the ancient record of our souls path, we are reclaiming a part of ourselves which knows and understands this Love frequency and unity consciousness at a core level. The language of the soul is one of unity, not separation.

Inuit Orca

The whales, dolphins and orca started to directly call to me. They showed up in my dreams, somewhat insistent that I learn more about them, as beings who telepathically communicate through sound and geometries. I would hear their song in my dream and swim with them in deep ocean waters.  Years ago, surrounded by a super pod of common dolphins off the coast of Santa Barbara CA, Channels Islands, the dreams became reality. I had no choice but to strip down and dive in. I started listening to the whale song and dolphin sonar and the rest is history.

In the book Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, they state, “Whale medicine is concerned with bringing messages out of the depths of your being – out of ancestral memories that lie deep within you in your DNA codes.” What we hold within us may be more vast and profound than we realize. As opposed to just being ego personalities stuck in the wheel of day to day life, we are actually souls connected to lineages and prophecy that go beyond the bounds of time entirely.  But we all know the grief of wearing a mask to hide our true self, or letting societal conditioning disconnect us from the true vision of our soul. When we dare to experience our true soul self, we can dissolve any limitations and have access to the messages we seek to share with the world. The whales seek to show us the way. Orca DNA

The authors of Medicine Cards go on to discuss how cetaceans are widely known to actively help humans remember states of joy, release limiting patterns of thought and stagnant energy held in the body. They are reminding us of the power of sound and vibration, and how to use these frequencies to not only balance our emotional and physical bodies, but access and tap into wisdom that is stored there and beyond into the memory of our soul. Sound can be the catalyst for what is awakening these codes within, so that we can create space for a new song to be sung. Beyond healing the individual, whale medicine speaks to a unity field of consciousness which we are all a part. Science is beginning to corroborate with what the indigenous knew all along about unity consciousness, that all of life is intimately connected on all levels, and that all souls are unified within the heart of humanity and the cosmos. This is the place of oneness from which we came and which we are still connected to. 

Both these indigenous cultures and the whales functioned through this unity consciousness, aware that the healing occurring within a person and their light body is directly and instantaneously linked to the healing of the earth, all other beings, and the energetic grid around the planet. They also knew that the the inner and outer are reflections of one another, conveying simply that this reality is a mirror and we are all connected through this web of life. We are taught and conditioned through a Newtonian worldview that the world outside is distinctly separate from us; the whales, however, are teaching us that we are constantly in a field of interconnectedness and interaction. If we listen, whale medicine will clearly convey that the inner is connected to the outer. Instead of using effort to fix the problem from the outside, go within to your inner reality and examine how you feel, think, or perceive the issue. When a person awakens their heart, they realize that any change made within themselves then affects the whole. There is a clear connection between personal and planetary healing, between the wellness of the individual and the wellness of the whole planet.

From within we have amazing agency to create and discern truth for ourselves. Seeing clearly, we see that all things are connected. When the mayan greet each other with “In Lak’ech”, acknowledging ‘i am another yourself’ , what is done to me also affects you, this is the same for the human energy centers and the planetary energy centers. We are all connected through this interconnected web of life. Similarly, when the sage Ramana Maharshi was asked how we should treat others he responded, “There are no others.”

Whale Earth

Our ancestors understood these patterns and connections between humanity and the universe and developed spiritual and healing traditions in line with these cosmic truths. This is hopeful for people on the spiritual path, as one can feel affirmed that the personal healing work they are doing on the inner plane does indeed affect the external world. Your commitment to healing is directly linked to the planetary healing process. This is why the healing of our own hearts is connected to the healing of the planetary heart – it is one hologram, one body. It is time for us to join the whales, as the indigenous have been doing for so long, and do our part in helping to maintain the highest frequency of love here on the Earth. In doing so we are not only supporting the energetic grid around our Mother Earth, but also helping to reclaim the balance and remember our roles as stewards of the planet.

Guided by the Whales: A Story of Reuniting

A week after I turn 30, sitting cross legged on the shoreline of Todos Santos Baja CA, I eagerly await my first encounter. Despite the fact that I’m on a vast beach filled with maybe 3 other people and 12 humpback whales, thoughts run through my head. The spiritual practice in my experience rarely involves just stillness and peace, but often involves a lot of movement, undulation, the flow of surrender. Sitting there, consciously aware that these beings hold new Quality of Love which carries with it the traits of peace, love, synchronicity, and unity consciousness, I start to connect with them. They arrived, and tears streamed down my eyes as they breathed out their blow holes, and dove under revealing their huge tails. I put my hand to my heart and could feel my chest softening. I was now reuniting with these great beings. For several weeks I would interact with them, often getting a wave or have them come really close to the shore as I played my drum, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls. The vibrations seemed to draw them in, and I was grateful for this intimate connection I was developing with them.

Waiting there many mornings for the whales, I would notice just how active my mind was; thinking about the whales, and using my eyes to look out over the ocean for them. Over time, the whales taught me how to slow down my mind, and by doing so allowed me to drop into the Heart, which puts out a far more stable and coherent field than my busy brain. Science has shown that the electromagnetic field of the heart center is 500 strong than that of the brain. When the mind stills, we can hear the beat of the heart. We can move from a place of limitation to unbound potential. The whales seek to teach us about the nature of our minds, and how when centered in the heart we can create a much more harmonious reality based in our true desires and visions vs. the one created by the limitations of the mind. The whales showed me how excess energy in the field can create anxiety and confusion for a person. When one can learn to send excess energy in the field into the earth, we are pragmatically finding ways to connect more clearly and deeply with our inner selves and the beings all around us. The whales showed me clearly : “Be Still and Know.” Breathe deeply, allow yourself to be a channel between heaven and earth – this is our true destiny. The whales have taught me that when grounded in the sacred heart, there is an invitation to dream an entire new world into being. It was from the Heart that I communicated with them. 

Whales, Lightbody

For many mornings I drummed with the whales, laying down and surrendering everything I thought I knew. In this release, I could then feel the wholeness and fullness of being. In the rhythm of the drum was the unfolding story of man. The unfolding story of our collective remembrance of the one beating heart that binds all of humanity. The medicine card states further, “To recall why the shaman’s drum brings healing and peace is to align with Whale’s message. The drum is the universal heartbeat and aligns all beings heart to heart.” Here-in-lies the deepest teaching from the whale nations, that of unity consciousness and the truth that we are connected through the Heart. This isn’t only an external energetic connection, but a unity that is born from within us, the very fabric from which creation springs from. It is where this realm of duality and polarity emerges from, the Oneness which is at the heart of everything.

The song I have surrendered to hearing is the  one of unity and love from the whales. They are singing the song of the soul that seeks to express itself, fully now, on this earth to be felt into the beyond. Traveling along this spiritual path for many years, there’s talk that arises about finding your guru, finding a being who knows more than you, their assistance toward you like holding a lantern on a path you’ve never walked down before. I’ve had many great teachers, but none whose feet I would fall at and weep. My first experience with the whale beings brought me to my knees.

And I wept.

Stilling the Mind to Wake the Song out of Its Slumber

When the mind is still, after dynamically working with the excess energy in the field, we can then be more receptive to the call of our heart, the teaching of the whales and all the wisdom keepers of this earth. With the mind still, we can call back all the parts of ourselves that have scattered, and cohere into a force of nature that is dynamic and whole. We can call on our ancestors and be receptive to the guidance they are offering us. The whales help us tap into these ancient memories of a time when we lived in deep connection and reverence with all life. This is a frequency of connection and gratitude that we need to cultivate again on the planet. The whales tell a story of coherence of the heart, of an energy field that is harmonized and grounded in the present moment, not troubled by thoughts of the past and future. For the whales, each moment is conscious and unified, each breathe intentional.

Whale DNA“Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your overall destiny as coded in your DNA, and of finding the sounds that will release those records.” They are helping us remember our healing song, a song of love and unity, and they continue to sing to us, to help us wake up and realize this interspecies link and interdependency.  When we tune into our natural blueprint, our origins, we come into contact with the song of our soul and spirit — the medicine we are to share with the world. This is the medicine that has the potential to transform our inner and outer reality. We are far more than our jobs and where we went to college, we are the living story of all the souls that came before us, the wisdom held therein, the living light of prophecy and transformation — When we remember whale medicine, we remember the fullness of our spiritual identity over what society has named for us. When you sing to your ancestors, you fill yourself with a light that is born out of empowerment and transformation. This is the song that calls us forth – calls forth our vision, our hope, our intention for healing and peace.

The whales reveal to us that while we paint a picture of ourselves as separate beings, naming each other this and that, these labels don’t really speak much to who we are as souls. And who we are as souls is the real substance, the real essence of who we are and what we are bringing to the world. Beyond the labels we place on each other, are boundless creative beings whose soul story tells something much different than just the color of the face or color of your hair. It carries the story of transformation and evolution. So as we persevere in the world and continue to harmonize with the universe, may we remember that the same divine blueprint that underlies creation is also what creates us — we are not separate from this brilliant architecture, but vessels for it, of it!

Grief & Awakening the Planetary Heart  

Morning after morning, the whales were guiding me – my body softened, my breathing deepened, creating a link from my heart, to theirs, the heart of the planet and the rest of the vast cosmos. As I connected deeper, their first teaching to me wasn’t just about love and joy, but about becoming aware of whatever grief we may hold, big or small, so we can then we can hold in the light so it can be transformed and released. What they showed me first was all the grief in my heart and the grief in humanities heart.

As one stills the mind and drops into the Heart, while there is much beauty there, we are also called to feel into what the Heart holds, which is also the suffering of all of humanity. As individuals and a collective we hold this suffering due to the pains and injustices within this reality. We are invited to feel into the unified beauty of the heart, but also the reality that the heart has been wounded and in need of healing.

It’s the grief that goes unnoticed because we become so numb to a world filled with injustice, hurt, pain, and suffering. We can’t receive a new inheritance, a new story, until we let go of the Grief and unresolved that presently exists in our hearts. The whales are here to help us open our our hearts and therefore, with them,  the heart of the planet. We do this through embodying love in our lives, and transforming old patterns of fierce competition and struggle into those of cooperation and thriving. It is through accepting this life force into every cell and bone in our body, through living as lights and disciples for the transformation to take place in our lives and therefore on our planet.

Hope & Resilience

We seek enlightenment, we want to live in a world of harmony, but the story around us isn’t always love and peace. When we look around us, while many of us lived privileged lives, there is war, famine, environmental degradation. My first teaching from the whales was not to simply enjoy this love of unity consciousness which is the ultimate raw material of our universe, but rather feel the Grief and pain that exists in the world, that we have in part created, that we see in part when we look in the mirror, and to let the Grief Go. We need to let go of these old limiting patterns of thought and open up to the vast world that the whales call us to be a part of, one where you are free to be whole, connected, in joy, in love … not pain and suffering. Because what becomes possible once we release grief, on whatever level of the spectrum that it exists, then we can see clearly and really get to know our medicine and purpose in a world gone out of of balance. 

When we bring consciousness to the problems or challenges we face, the light of love takes care of the rest. When when see something in the light of consciousness, we can set it free.  It’s like these beings that are swimming underneath the waters, hidden, and then they breach, and for a moment we can see them with our own two eyes. What was once hidden can now be seen. What was in darkness is now in the light. So we don’t just release the grief but see what we are being taught through the process, see where the golden nugget is. Then we can let it go and inherit what is new and evolving. We can begin to clear the old, get into alignment, and really light our fire.

When we begin to understand again this unity consciousness, not as some lofty ideal or concept, but as the womb from which we came, we’ll be able to more pragmatically and effectively create healing and transformation in the world. We will be at home in our core energy and psychic/energetic awareness, and from this place have great agency to cultivate and focus healing energy for ourselves and the world around us. 

In a world torn apart by prejudices and beliefs, the whales seek to guide and inspire us to sing a song of unity. Play out from the core of your being, resonate on a level that calls on the light of your soul and the dream of the heart. As we heal our own hearts, we will no doubt be contributing to the awakening of the planetary heart. As we dream the new earth with this ancient vision and the whales, we tell a story not of pain, trauma, and violence, but of hope, healing, and unity. We use sound to sing a song that will resound at the deepest levels of our being, through all the lands, ocean, and cosmos.

About the Author:

Daniel is an Integrative & Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Acutonics® Vibrational Medicine fused with East/West Bodywork Therapies, a musician, and a co-founder of the Asheville Sound Healing Directory (ASH). The intention of his work is to facilitate an integrated experience of the body energy and soul for balance, alignment and wellness. He is passionate about sharing and educating people about the healing arts, chinese & vedic energy systems, sound healing & planetary harmonic medicine, ancient indigenous wisdom, stone & plant medicine, and the vast world of spiritual growth and transformation.

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