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Sacred Sounds & Dance Journey

Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” Anais Nin

After first connecting to the energies of the Divine Feminine in India when I was 24, a series of shocking life events led to my first Spiral of Womb Awakening when I was 29. During this time I connected deeply with the Divine Mother, experiencing states of Oneness. I cleansed completely, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I saw no one for months, only praying for hours a day, Womb breathing, following Moon cycles and unraveling my emotions.

It felt like I had stepped into an abyss of the unknown, and when I stepped out at the other side – I was profoundly changed. But this was just the beginning.

Six years later my unfolding journey led me to Sainte Baume in France to connect with the energies of Mary Magdalene. During this solitary pilgrimage I stayed in a convent overlooking the Sacred Grotto. I had never ‘channeled’ before but whilst meditating at the Magdalene temple on the cliff I received a startling message from Magdalene to write a series of books on the lost history of the Feminine. At the end of this stay two women asked to speak to me in the convent and said they had a message from the Priestesses of Isis. This message was to flow me on yet another, deeper, unfolding of the Spiral, opening the Womb to Sacred Union.

The Feminine ways are ecstatic, intoxicating, enchanting, they create a bridge between the mundane world and the shimmering light of Otherworld, weaving them into One, into Heaven on Earth. Dance, song, prayer, devotion, wildish bliss, prophecy, sacred sexuality, touch, scents were the language of love spoken by the ancient Womb Priestesses who now return…

Around this time many of my spiritual practices fell away – I no longer felt drawn to yoga, meditation, fasting, or other more ‘masculine’ paths. All I wanted to do was sing, dance and celebrate Shakti, allowing it to sweep me away on its flow. I longed for the path of Love, or Bhakti, as it is sometimes called.


By ‘chance’ I was introduced to the beautiful Indian Sacred Dance, Odissi, practiced by Devadasis for hundreds of years, and for Priestesses for thousands of years before that. On instinct I traveled to a remote tribal village in Orissa to live and study with Odissi Guru, Padma Charan Dehury, for 5 months to immerse myself in Sacred Dance. It was a truly awakening experience – traveling though many deep shadows, and opening into many new gifts, connecting to the Divine. During this time in the Holy city of Puri – where the Devadasis performed – I was ‘gifted’ an expensive Ruby by a Kashmiri crystal healer, he told me it was a ‘Womb’ stone and offered it in a pouch filled with rose petals. It was a clear sign I was on the right path.

I had also been guided to study harp, and had carried my harp with me to the wilds of Orissa. One night, playing harp intuitively, in a moment the poet Blake describes as having the ‘doors of perception cleansed’ I watched as the trees ‘Came Alive’ – in the darkness they lit up with an electric green Life-force that flowed through every branch, every leaf, creating a startling fairy-light show, like a web of luminescence.

I had seen the truth that everything was vividly, pulsatingly alive, and only the disconnection of our full sensory perception stops us perceiving this. For a moment I had been graced with the vision to truly ‘see’. Gaia had revealed Her true beauty.

‘Something incredible is waiting to be known.’ Carl Sagan

By 2012 another turn on the Spiral of Womb Awakening led me to ‘pop’ – many of my beliefs and illusions, both personal, collective and spiritual broke down. For a while it felt like floating in inner and outer space with nothing to hold on to. In truth, it was a very disorienting time, as well as magical. The slate was wiped clean, and many things I had projected beliefs onto crumbled before me.

Afterwards, I felt a new Innocence, and as if my mind had been birthed open. I no longer thought of 2,000 years ago as a distant past – but instead expanded to include 500,000 years ago and beyond even that, longing for the time of our Original Innocence, not wanting to get stuck on stories along the way.

I began to receive even more Wisdom from the Earth, directly, without need for books or ideas. I began to practice Shamanic Menstruation as it was done thousands of years ago, before even ‘Red Tents’ existed, together with my Beloved Azra, and many magical portals opened through these experiences. 

In a tiny village high in a Himalayan mountain, Azra and I experienced a life-changing 2 day communion with an Original Ancient Mother of humanity. She gifted us with the experience of Original Innocence, which felt timeless, enchanting and completely bathed in the purest Innocence that is beyond description, and beyond anything I have ever experienced – beyond bliss, beyond ecstasy, beyond Divine Love as I have ever felt it or known it before.

I ‘saw’ and painted her during this experience and it was as if the page had become a portal she could step through. I dissolve in tears when I feel her. The powerful, magnetic, Innocence of her Love is….who can describe it? She unites all streams into one Being, there is no separation or division of anything.

She was desiring so much to ‘reach across the veil’ and assist us – and everyone – to rebirth ourselves. It would require a radical questioning of everything. Especially our most cherished and precious beliefs – even about the Divine Feminine and what I have since termed the ‘Dark Side of the Womb’ and the entities it attracts. There are many energies pretending to be ‘God’ and many energies masquerading as the Divine Feminine.

Since then many Spirals have unfolded – sometimes all at once, across many dimensions – and two rivers have attracted our attention, to swim and explore in. The first is the true origins of our Sacred Dance, before it was something performed before a male deity offering him devotion and worship. I have intuited and discovered that ‘Lord Jagannath’ the male deity Devadasis ‘peformed’ for was originally a tribal god of a people who worshipped trees through song and dance. ‘His’ deepest origins are the Divine Mother. He is a ‘She’.

Another path re-awakening is Sound and Frequency Healing through Harp and Lyre, and rediscovering the Sacred origins of these traditions. ‘Sirens’ were once Priestesses that worked with Sound Frequency to ‘enchant the Soul home’. This year on Winter Solstice I begin as an Apprentice Awenydd – British Native Shaman and Spirit Keeper. This path existed since long before the last Ice Age, and is the root of many traditions that have passed into myth as Fairy or Witch. This knowledge is returning and reopening as we align with the Great Womb, through the Galactic Grail Alignment. 

It is interesting to note that archeologists and anthropologists have discovered that the first people to settle in America were prehistoric peoples from Northern Europe – France, Britain. They were wiped out or interbred with by a people coming down from Mongolia and central Asia – whose Ancestors are the now the people whom we call Native American Indians. History is never as we imagine it. Each one of us holds deep wisdom in our lineage if we choose to remember it.

A deeper Spiral of the path of Song and Sound, Dance and Movement is opening up, and asking us to remember – it is truly a way of the Feminine, opening us to Feminine Consciousness, flowing through our Body Temple, diving us deep into our inner dimensions of Love and where they connect us to the entire Cosmos and the benevolent Source of Creation. It is the path of Magnetic Enchantment, not forcing.

There is another layer of the Secret History of the Feminine waiting to unfold, waiting to be told. We invite you to become part of this remembering, part of this re-telling…there are new stories waiting to be woven back to Life, that are in fact incredibly Ancient and forgotten.

We will be hosting special transmissions for those who feel called to ‘remember’ the true and sacred origins of Song and Dance, beyond what is available to us at the moment, in any tradition. Their Wisdom and ways are stored deep inside our cells and Feminine DNA, and now they are waking up, as our Wombs Awaken.

Song and Dance dissolves the mind structure that has kept us in a prison of imbalanced logic for so long. It melts all the obstacles that puzzled our minds. Let the Sacred Dance of Original Innocence begin.

With Love, Seren Bertrand

© Seren Bertrand, Fountain of Life, 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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John William Godward ‘Ionian Dancing Girl’

John William Waterhouse ‘Windswept’

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About the Author:

Dr. Azra Bertrand, MD, and Seren Bertrand are evolutionary enchanters and guides, dedicated to helping women awaken their Womb Power and to assist the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them in Sacred Union. They facilitate international retreats and online Apprenticeships on Womb Awakening, Sacred Union, and the embodied Feminine Healing Arts, for both men and women.

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