Trusting the Sound

I clearly recall evenings spent sitting on my front porch with my guitar in middle school, playing to the sun as it set behind the trees, and captivated by the sound of the music and the breeze.

Early on in life I was drawn to sound and music, to Eastern philosophy and ideas of the Dao. I was sensitively drawn to a world of energy and spirituality, to this world beyond appearances. It was clear to me that this was the place to focus my attention.

As I got into high school and college, like many of us, there is the pressure to find a conventional course of study that assures you a reliable job after 4 years of college education. We all know how it is to have the expectations of our parents, and the culture we grew up in, to fit in neatly with the status quo and not really make any waves.

The truth is we were born into a universe of light and sound, and this light has always been within us. At the end of the day, we don’t need degrees or certificates, but rather our own inner vision and sense of empowerment to bring our talents and gifts to the world.

It was through sound that I had my first true experience of the soul, through a journey that can’t easily be put into words. From that point on I saw not only that sound had the power to awaken the soul, but also that I had the potential to live my life as a vessel for healing, for personal and planetary transformation.

Amidst societal change, personal growth, and financial struggles, sometimes the path of service and also making a living isn’t always clearly lit. How does one balance their spiritual path and the path of reality and having a 9-5 job? How can the two become unified? How can we marry out work and our passion?

In my experience, I have seen that when you align with the soul and intention your soul has for being here on this earth in this body, nature and the universe supports you. When we can trust in the sound of our calling, in the passion of our soul intention, we can walk this path knowing we are offering others our highest inspiration and vision.

Growing up in this Western consumer materialistic culture we are told what to think, who to support, what gender to be attracted to, who to be opposed to — We are taught subjects that have no bearing on the real world and taught numbers and letters at the expense of developing our emotional and intuitive awareness.

Luckily for us and for the universe, we came in with a different plan. This plan isn’t one based in politics or even beliefs for that matter. This plan is based in a desire emanating from the center of our galaxy — from our own heart centers – in our very cells –  t0 create a harmonic culture in alignment with nature. Through aligning with the cosmos and ourselves, we can thrive on the principles of love, community, and freedom.

In a cultural system that I no longer really wanted to invest in, I knew I could always trust the sound and in the healing path which showed me the depth of connection we can have with our inner medicine and this amazing universe we are a part of. Meditation, prayer, journeying with the sacred sound, has always led me to experience of inspiration, wholeness, and clarity. In these moments I am in tune with my core purpose and aligned with the Spirit.

When we begin to follow the path of the heart and of our highest inspiration, we can learn to trust this instinct. It is an instinct toward expression, bliss, to reveal what is hidden and to bring the darkness to the light. Making an offering of yourself to something Eternal.

When I sat to write this song, I did not know what would come through, but I knew there was something to be expressed. Rather than reaching for it, I sit at the piano and empty myself. Then I listen. The recording below captures the 2nd time I played this song, so its a look inside the writing process and sharing something in its vulnerable, unfinished state. Through this, we can reveal how sound and creation reveals itself to the extent that we are open to receive it. Transmissions, always available, always inspiring, to the extent that we can become that hollow bone for inspiration and beauty to flow through.

Working with sound and energy I’ve developed a trust to keep creating even when something doesn’t show itself in its entirety, whether its a musical piece or being unsure of how to best serve a client given their situation. When we cultivate a willingness to be receptive, to hear the song that seeks to be expressed, to hear the story a client standing in front of you seeks to share, this is where Sound and Healing can show us a pathway to wholeness. We can hear the song that seeks to breathe through us to reveal yet another facet of divinity woven with this human experience.

Sound lets us be in this still moment, ever resonating, ever vibrating with love and consciousness. Nada Bhakti, swimming in the devotion to the sound that moves us, in our hearts, minds, bodies. Aligning as we sound through the gateway to be ever inspired by the grace and love of this universe.

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